Welcome to Shantai Anath Ashram

Shantai Anath Ashram (Solapur) is a home for orphans and destitute but does not provide adoption facility.
The children stay here in the most loving and caring atmosphere, they are here till they become independent & responsible "GLOBAL CITIZENS"

Child support – SMBMS Sanstha believe that child receive care of quality that nurters her development needs. To archive the desired rehabilitation outcome. Such care must include nutrition, health, education, recreation and vocation skills-development in effect SMBMS Sanstha, Solapur’s objectives are to help improve their child care standerds and manage the adoption process more efficiently our support initiatives include.
Nutrition – SMBMS Sanstha objective is to remove malnutrition that is so often found amongst smaller children last 7 years we proved supplementary baby food to (rural) do the government’s grants.